Birth Preparation Course

Private Birth course in English – Instinctive Birth

My desire to teach this birth course comes from a great personal experience. After my second birth, during which HypnoBirthing gave me an unimaginable comfort, and in a comparison with the first birth, it just felt unethical not to spread the word and help other families to welcome their little ones in a calm, more comfortable and gentle way. For couple of years I was giving HypnoBirthing lessons. But after some time it grew into something adaptive to every unique couple.

The course is intended for the mother and her birthing partner, which in most cases is her partner. It can also be someone else, for example a friend, own mother or a doula. Both mother and her birthing companion learn different tools to create calm and gentle birthing experience:

  • Three different breathing techniques for different stages of the birth that will make the mother’s experience much more comfortable and can help to shorten the birth
  • Relaxation is THE key word for a more gentle and satisfying birth. Since most of the physical work is done by the mother’s birthing body and the baby, mother’s biggest task is to relax her body and her mind as much as possible. This way letting the birth happen smoothly and more comfortable. To achieve such level of body and mind relaxation during the birth often a lot of practice is required and HypnoBirthing will provide you with many handy tools for that.
  • Visualization can be a powerful tool for women giving birth.  This is a technique commonly used by athletes. You learn to visualize the whole experience of birth-from early labor to delivery. When we see ourselves successfully giving birth naturally, we are better able to trust our bodies when actual labor begins.
  • Birth Affirmations are a powerful way to train your mind to step out of the way of your body, and many women attest to their effectiveness in creating smoother, shorter, and less challenging labors.
  • Self-hypnosis helps you to control the sensations that you are feeling, emotions that you are experiencing. Regular and frequent practice of self-hypnosis with a quality scripts, mother can create more satisfying birth experience.

The course consists of 5 lessons of 2,5hrs which is usually planned once a week. The private course gives you the luxury of having the course at the comfort of your own home and during the days and times that fit you best. Also it is very easy to reschedule a lesson should something else important come up, so you will not miss anything.

The cost of the course is €450. This includes 10 hours of private lessons, a HypnoBirthing book, 4 audio files to practice different tools for more relaxed birth, unlimited communication with me between the course days and after, €150 discount for my doula service, 25% discount for the Birth pool rent, 15% discount on the Postpartum closing ceremony – Mothering Mother.

Payment in parts is possible.

Where to start? Call me, text me or send me an email and let’s schedule the first lesson. It’s good to start around 20 weeks of pregnancy (earlier or later is possible too). Contact me as soon as possible to make sure I have the availability during your desired period of time!

If you are not sure yet if this course if a right fit for you, contact me and let’s make an appointment for a free intro session, where you can learn more about the course and have all your questions answered.


Karina Vos
Mob: +31 (0) 610 27 37 38

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