Mother the Mother – Closing Ceremony

What is it? For whom is this?

Mothering the mother – closing ceremony is a closure to the cycle of pregnancy, labor and birth and can be done at any time after the mother has stopped bleeding after the birth whether that’s a few weeks or a few years!  The ceremony comes from Mexico, it is to honor the new mother’s hard work of carrying her baby for 9 months, experiencing the process of labor and birth and the bringing forth of a new life. It is a celebration of her wonderful body and her journey into becoming a mother [whether for the first time or after every birth]. It is also to welcome her as a mother into the community.

The closing ceremony helps to physically and emotionally close her body after the opening of pregnancy and birth. A woman is opened spiritually, emotionally and physically by the process of labor and birth and is often left feeling very vulnerable and emotional. Everything about being pregnant, from your expanding belly, your growing baby to your pelvis and your uterus opening to release your baby is about opening up… After the intensity and hard work of labor to bring your baby into the world, traditional medicine and generations of wisdom say you need to close the body. Physically the closing ceremony helps to ease the bones of the hips and the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis back into alignment. Emotionally it helps women to feel nurtured and respected as mothers and helps them to begin to feel strong again after the intensity of labor and birth. This ends the cycle of pregnancy, birth and the initial postnatal recovery and helps women to have a more confident start to their journey into motherhood through nurturing and respect from their families and communities.

How is it done?

The ceremony starts by taking time for a deep breathing and grounding from all life’s daily demands. During this calm moment mother and the ceremony givers drink a herbal tea, that the mother has previously chosen from our Mothering the Mother teas selection. In the meanwhile a relaxing herbal bath is prepared.

During the second part of the ceremony, mother is enjoying time the herbal bath, accompanied with live flowers and soothing music. This is the time when mother can think about the pregnancy, the birth, her life before entering into the motherhood or anything else that comes up to her. For many moms this is a very spiritual experience going as deep as experience own life in her mother’s womb.

To start the third part of the closing ceremony, mother puts on comfortable closing (e.g. yoga outfit). During this part of the ceremony mother is receiving a full body massage, with a special and gentle attention to her heart and abdominal.

Finally after the massage mother remains laying on the comfortable mat and is receiving bone closing ritual, where two ritual hosts using Rebozos ( Mexican scarfs) wrap they key areas of the body starting at the head and working down to the feet to “close” them to a pre-pregnancy state.

The costs for the Closing Ceremony – Mothering Mother of 3 hrs with two ceremony hosts is €250. If you want to give this treatment to someone as a gift and pay for a part of it, that is also possible (e.g. as Baby-shower/ Mother Blessing gift)

Where to start? Contact me via a call, text or an email to schedule a date for your Closing ceremony. We will also discuss the location and other practical questions.


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